Love & Hate: My Most and Least Favorite Romance Tropes

Happy Valentine's day! For the longest time I was that kid who'd grimace and cover her eyes when facing any romantic scene in a movie. Indeed, when I started on my writing journey years ago I had resolved to not include a romance in my story at all, just to spite the trends. I have since relented... Continue Reading →

Fixing the Five More Tropes I Hate

After my first “tropes I hate” post, I took some time to look over those tropes and see how they could be fixed – and I found it to be a very refreshing exercise. As authors, we spend so much time second guessing ourselves, asking if what we’re planning or what we’ve written is ‘good enough’. I’m here to say that even if it isn’t good enough, it can be.

Fixing the Five Tropes I Hate

I hate complainers. (No, the irony of that statement is not lost on me 😉 .) I’ve already talked about five tropes I hate, and now I thought I ought to explore how those five tropes could be fixed...

Five Tropes I Hate

One of my favorite things to watch on YouTube or read on blogs is an author’s opinions on tropes. I don’t know what it is about someone gushing over or complaining about something that draws me in, but I think it stems from my love, as an author, for the art of story crafting. And, hey, I love giving my opinions so...

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