Mocking Bird

I was out in the garden one day and saw a mocking bird alight on a telephone pole above me... The first line of this poem came to my mind in that moment, and when I wrote it down the rest of this poem fell into place. It's one of those instances where the creativity just flows through you and makes something you didn't necessarily set out to make. 

A Memoir

So, I love summer. Like, a lot. But, inevitably, summer vacations come to and end... They say poetry is the way to best express your emotions, right? 


I wrote this poem while waiting [impatiently] for one of my goats to have her babies. For this work I tossed aside any ideas of standards or rhyming and just let the words flow...

They Will Never Believe Me

I don't know whether or not I consider myself a poet, but it can certainly be very fun to write in verse. I don't know whether or not I am a good poet, but that is certainly up to you...

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