My Most and Least Favorite Characters – TV Edition

Characters: what would a story be without them? This series of articles will explore my most and least favorite characters from different literary mediums. I'm not taking poorly written characters here, but ones who - as written - are people I dislike. Sounds fun? First up, TV shows! (These are in no particular order. That... Continue Reading →

Fixing the Aquaman Movie

Alright folks, this post is for me. Yeah, I know – if I wanted to write something for myself I should get a journal. Well, I promise by the end of this I’ll turn my rant into a general writing lesson. ‘Cause it’s OK as long as it’s educational, right? So, I saw Aquaman yesterday.... Continue Reading →

Politics and your Author Platform

…don’t mix. The end.

Thanks for reading, folks! Yes, I know that was amazing and –

Ok, just kidding. I’m an overwriter, it’s my nature to elaborate. And, since this is Election Day here in the USA, I figured this would be a perfect topic.

Entertaining Stories are Underrated

How many of you saw the ads for the movie Monster Trucks? With a budget over $125 million, this film grossed only $64 million domestically and is now known as a major box office bomb. Considering its 30% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and its (admittedly) ridiculous premise, one might be tempted to think that this film – a story about a literal monster that drives around pretending to be a literal truck – would be a total waste of a good two hours of living. That’s certainly what I thought when I saw the ads. But, I was wrong.

Finding Meaning in Fiction

The way I see it, there are two major categories into which a literary work can fall:

works which strive to explore certain topics, themes, and messages

works that are designed to entertain

Now, there are certainly pieces that will do both...

Self-editing, or Learning to Let Go

"Just let it go." That’s not something any author wants to hear about their darling character, or their clever plot twist, or their funny scene. But, sometimes, our desire to hold on to something is holding our story back.

My Characters ARE Real

I love writing advice videos. I’ve learned a lot from all these great writers on YouTube who share what they’ve learned over their writing journeys  - and, let’s be real, I’ve filled my times of writer’s block being ‘really productive’ on YouTube. But, through all the good stuff, there was one bit of advice that struck me as very odd...

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