What I’ve Learned about Beta Reading

I'm finishing up the first round of beta reading on my manuscript! So, as such, I figured I'd share what I've learned so far. 1. Be willing to reciprocate. I had a few people who offered to read my manuscript as pure beta readers, one of who finished the story. The rest of readers I... Continue Reading →

Suddenly! And other Words that Lie to You.

           Through these long months of self-editing I have learned a terrible truth: words lie. You are simply trying to write what you mean, and those darn little things lie to you. Ok, maybe not “lie” in the classical sense,but I am an overwriter, and as I edit I have come... Continue Reading →

Fighting Through Burn Out

In September I set for myself a goal: finish my manuscript, edit it, and have it ready to send to beta readers by the beginning of October. At the time I thought it was a realistic timeline, I had only a few more chapters to write, I knew what I needed to write in them, and then the editing wasn’t going to take too long. Or so I thought.

On Writing Fight Scenes

I love a good fight scene. If I had to choose my favorite element of a story, it would probably be the action sequences –you know, the struggle of good against evil, combat hand-to-hand, with the hero’s life hanging in the balance. So, naturally, I have written my fair share of fight scenes. Notice, I didn’t say my fair share of good fight scenes. Like all writing, there is an art and a skill that comes to crafting exciting, sensible, and coherent action sequences. To that end, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned over the years...

Writing Tip: Crafting Evocative Descriptions

I used to have a sort of love-hate relationship with descriptions. I loved writing them, letting my words flow into the page as though I were a masterful craftsmen, but I hated reading them – I mean, I can distinctly remember skipping whole paragraphs in books I’d read as kids just so I could get back to the dialogue and the action...

My Top 10 Favorite Writing Tracks

I need music to write.

Well, I guess that’s not technically true, but I certainly don’t write without music if I can help it. Over the years I’ve amassed quite a collection of writing music, and I thought I would share some of my favorite tracks with you!

On Crafting Fantasy Languages

When I think of fantasy languages, my thoughts turn to – who else – but JRR Tolkien. He’s made several, incredibly detailed fantasy languages, complete with several alphabets. He was a linguist, and (in my opinion) the greatest fantasy writer ever. So, with that in mind, I knew I couldn’t make my own fantasy language...

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