Poetry Corner – Charlie and Me

This is my April contribution to my writing group. The following poem is written based off the above image, and set to the tune of Georgia by Charlie Daniels. Why? I dunno. Just enjoy.

Charlie and Me

Silver moon is but a sliver, hanging there over the river
And I guide our boat out among the fog
The night is warm and the stars are bright
And if we’re lucky we just might
Catch us the biggest alligator in this here swamp

Me and my dog, Charlie and me
The best friend I’ll ever need
He’s family, Charlie and me

Some folks call her the Grey Ghost
But I know that gator better than most
And I call her Tess after my ex wife
My old Charlie knows the gator, too
And gets to his barking like dogs do
Cause she once took his leg but not his life

Me and my dog, Charlie and me
I’ve got one leg and he’s got three
We’re quite the team, Charlie and me

I reach for my rifle and Charlie jumps to my side
The gator’s eyes glint in the light
It slips into the black and out of sight
But Charlie’s rope comes untied
My dog’s in the river with a splash
And takes off after that gator in a flash

Well Charlie may catch her, or maybe he won’t
But I know a thing or two that he don’t
Old Tess ain’t losing a fight in the river, no way
I can save my dog or take my shot
For some that pickle might be a lot
But I grab my Charlie as that gator slinks away

Me and my dog, Charlie and me
Gator or not, it’ll always be
The two of us, Charlie and me

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