A brief history of Avaron…

I made a history lesson!

Hey, don’t groan at me. This is all really exciting and important. Because I said so, that’s why.

Ok, in all seriousness, this is probably more than a little boring. And that’s probably why I just kept the ideas floating around in my head for so long instead of putting them explicitly to the page. But, my nebulous conglomerate of thoughts can only sustain my narrative for so long, and so here we are.

Since I wrote out this whole thing already just for myself, I figured I’d share it with all of you. I know some of us are interested in this sort of thing, so for you lover of worldbuilding – whoever you are – enjoy!

First, my map!

I’m honestly really proud of this thing – it’s not perfect, but it’s so close in my humble opinion. I hand-drew the thing one day in a time of inspiration, and it was surreal to see with my eyes something that had been only in my head for so long. I then copied the outline into Photoshop and gave it labels and pretty colors.

Ok, and now for my timeline!

It bothers me when a fantasy world has no technological advancements – I mean, what culture fights with the same exact weapons for 5,000 years? Talk about some serious lack of progress! But, I had my work cut out for me though, as my MC fights in her modern era with an ancient sword. I needed my timeline to be logically consistent with that plot point and still have progress in technology. But, even sword technology progressed over the years – our middle ages may have had swords generally for a thousand years, but not the same style for much more than 300 years – all of which I know thanks to this awesome website.

Overall, though, this timeline probably won’t mean much to you before reading the book… Eh, oh well. This post will be here for the throngs to gawk over once I’m totally famous. 😉

A Timeline of Events

Year 1 – The forebears land on the Avaronian continent. The centaurs and Nostkynna have been warring with one another for generations, each fighting to gain control over the land. The humans initially stay out of it, and only attempt to survive in this new world.

Year 6 – The humans have been drawn into the conflict on the continent, with varying success. Some nostkynna have joined with the humans, some human settlements live in peace, some centaurs join with the humans.  

Year 10 – The Solidarity bonds with the Crux.

Year 13 – Gallian founds the Fidelis. Ìsendorál is foraged.

Year 47 – The centaurs have grown wary of the powerful humans, both Fidelis and Vojak, and any Cenóri/Human alliances have deteriorated to be in name only, if anything at all.  

Year 53 – The Solidarity are defeated. Gallian is killed by centaurs, as they balk at the idea of being ruled by humans. The Reconquest begins as centaurs attempt to reconquer the Avaronian continent under their own rule.

Year 55 – Hilderic I emerges as king over the humans due to his strength in battle and in his alliances with powerful people and the nostkynna. His rule is strict and bloody, but brings about an era of relative peace for humanity.

Year 60 – The humans and the nostkynna unite against the centaurs. The nostkynna ally with the humans in order to finally end their long-standing land feud with the centaurs.

Year 65 – The centaurs are driven out of Avaron.

Year 104 – Hilderic I is succeeded by his son, Hilderic II. Hilderic II maintains the style of rule established by his father.

Year 109 – The second war with the centaurs begins, as the centaurs attempt to regain the land they have lost in Avaron.

Year 114 – The centaurs are driven out again by the joint effort of the Fidelis, Nostkynna, and regular humans.

Year 116 – By this time nostkynna are, for the most part, accepted among the human population.

Year 121 – The University at Drosala is founded by the Fidelis order to train Fidelis and teach the common people in the matters of history, science, art, etc.

Year 136 – The Fidelis are widespread in Avaron.

Year 147 – Most of the trade guilds are founded by this point in time.

Year 158 – Hilderic II is succeeded by his son, Hilderic III, who is impulsive and power hungry. He puts pressure on the Fidelis and nostkynna, subtly driving them from places of comfort and power on society.

Year 169 – Hilderic III starts imposing heavy taxes, the draft, etc. His actions ultimately strain the relationship between humans and nostkynna, and the nostkynna begin to abandon more populated human areas.

Year 197 – Rebellion against Hilderic III, Dradge usurps the throne. Dradge loosens some of the more pressing restrictions placed by Hilderic III, but not all.

Year 199 – Triston is born.

Year 200 – Kura is born.

Year 206 – Queen Lyara is murdered. Dradge persecutes the Fidelis in retribution, driving out or imprisoning many and killing all those who resist.

Year 207 – The University at Drosala is closed.

Year 208 – Fidelis have essentially been driven from Avaron, and their memories persecuted.

Year 220 – The events recorded in Fire of the Forebears occur.

Oh, and I made a new cover design! I plan to be traditionally published, so in the end this doesn’t mean a whole lot, but I like it., and it will make my manuscript pretty when sending to beta readers here soon. 😛

So, do you like to world build? What do you think of my worldbuilding? What’s the history of your world sound like so far? I’d love to chat with you in the comments below!

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