Meet the Characters: Part 2

This week I’m highlighting two more characters!

Each gets their own awesome theme song, and you get to be the judge as to whether my aesthetic-making skills have at all improved…

Let me just give a disclaimer and say that while these two characters will be housed in the same blog post, they don’t have any sort of relation within the story. So now you know.

First up, is Aethan! He’s a side character, someone Kura meets along the course of the narrative – in chapter 11, actually. Here’s how that starts:

Her hazel eyes met his green. He was a younger man with tan skin, darkened by the autumn sun, and could hardly have been any older than Kura herself. He had long, brown greasy hair tied back behind his head and the scraggly start of a beard on his cheeks. The smoldering end of a hand-rolled cigarette hung from the side of his mouth, and for a moment he looked at Kura in confusion before a dimpled grin spread across his face.

“Well, hey there.”

Kura hesitated; judging by his mismatch of worn clothing he had to be some kind of renegade, but she was caught off guard by his casually genuine demeanor. Angry shouts sounded from the left, and both Kura and the stranger turned back; it was several of the other riders, dressed in much simpler, ordinary clothes than the long, leather cape the young man wore, and they continued to shout as one aimed a bow in Kura’s direction.

“Oh, they think you’re one of us,” the young man said quickly. “Run!”

Aethan copy.jpg

This is the song I associate with Aethan.

Now, some background: have you ever seen those character building charts, where they have blanks where you can fill in your character’s favorite band, college major, ect – all things that don’t apply to fantasy characters? Anyway, I got to thinking one day about answers my characters would fill if they lived in our modern times, and Aethan would have dropped out of college to be the singer/guitar player/song writer in a band that plays music like this one. (Also, my critique partner and I both came to the conclusion, independently, that this is how Aethan would sound as a singer. 😛 )

And next, let me introduce one of the villains in this story: Nadela. She’s mean, she’s creepy, and Kura meets her in chapter 10. It goes rather like this:

Kura tried to stand, panicking as she gripped the rocky wall behind her. She didn’t belong here, she didn’t want to be here. Her horse was supposed to be beside her, but to her horror she found it wasn’t there – at her sides were only the pillars of stone, stretching on in every direction for as far as she could see, their distant edges shrouded in a growing, grey mist.

“Hello, darling.”

It was a woman’s voice, calm in spite of the cold darkness and the moaning wind.

Kura turned, startled, to see the woman suddenly standing on the other side of the fire. She was short, although sturdily built, with a stance that exuded a casual confidence. She was dressed in strange leather armor, intricately detailed and brightly decorated – for a moment Kura thought she must have been Lovarian, but her clothes – while similar in style – were far older. An unruly mess of deadlocked, blonde hair hung to her hips and framed her thin face, and her bright green eyes put into contrast her pallid white skin.

“Who are you?” Kura asked, a deep fear gripping her heart, although she wasn’t sure why. The woman smiled; she seemed almost friendly, as if she were the only one in this forsaken land to understand it.


I stumbled across this song one day and it just fits Nadela so perfectly.

Well, those are just two more characters who play a role in Fire of the Forebears! Intrigued? You can read the first chapter here!

Who are some of your favorite characters? Are they ones you’ve read about, or ones you’ve written? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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