Update on my Work in Progress

It’s time for an update!

(It’s not? Are you sure? No, I’m pretty sure it is.)

The process of creating this manuscript has been long, arduous, and largely inconsistent for the first few [many] years, but not anymore. For this past year I’ve been diligently making progress, and I can now see the glorious light at the end of the tunnel.

My goal is to start querying agents at the end of 2018, so that means I need to get my manuscript out to beta readers in the next few months – and that means I need to finish it ASAP!

Currently, my WIP is weighing in at 537 pages, or 213,600 words. I have a total of 36 chapters written, and I anticipate the finished product will have 39 or 40 chapters. Realistically, I think I can have those final 3 to 4 chapters written by the end of this month, or at least the next. Then, I need to do some edits, and then it’s off to beta readers!

I am honestly super excited to get to the end of this journey, to finally have my finished book, and if I didn’t have to have a ‘real job’ I know this thing would be done already!

To spice up this update post, I’m going to share an exclusive clip from chapter 7…

Some unknown noise woke Kura from sleep. She didn’t even remember dozing off, but judging by the faded moonlight that now lit the ravine, she could tell she had. A rustling sound, mixed with the soft cascade of small stones from the opposite cliff face sounded in the stillness of the night. Nervousness rose in Kura’s chest and she reached for her sword. She rested her hand on the hilt as she scanned the openness around her, her eye striving in vain to pierce through the darkness. She kept as still and as quiet as she could, fighting off dizziness, all the while hoping her senses were wrong. She was cold, so cold, and yet her body was drenched in sweat.

A twig broke not far, off to her left, and she caught a glimpse of a dark shape moving. Fear shot through Kura, and she watched the creature without moving. For a moment she lost sight of it, and then she saw it again, its silhouette outlined clearly in the moonlight. A wolf.

Kura struggled to her feet as quickly as she could, drawing her sword as she did. Her sudden change in elevation made her head spin, and she leaned back against the cliff side behind her to maintain her balance. Her heart pounded in her chest but her limbs felt weak.

A low growl came from Kura’s left and she looked over with a start; a second wolf was approaching with the first.

“What’s this…?” a rumbling, slurred voice came from the wolf at Kura’s right. Its words were broken due to its long snout and tongue, but Kura had long ago learned to understand their pattern of speech. She could see the wolf flash a toothy grin in the moonlight. “A woman-child out alone, in the night, in our forest.”

Kura could hear the crunching of leaves not far behind her; more wolves, perhaps three more than the two before her.

“Stay back, all of you!” Kura shouted, holding back her fear from her voice and brought her sword into guard. A part of her laughed; what did she intend to do with one sword and one arm against a pack of wolves? “Stay back!”

The wolf to Kura’s left laughed, a sound – halfway between a whimper and a growl – that sent shivers down Kura’s spine.

“We could smell your blood and your fear from one hundred paces,” the wolf said, its eyes glinting silver in the darkness. It stepped slowly closer. “You will be our best catch of the night, I think.”

“This is our forest,” a wolf from behind Kura growled. “Women-children and men-children are not welcome here.”

“I apologize,” Kura said, fighting to keep her voice from shaking. “It was never my intention to be here. My people have an agreement with Agafy that –”

“You are far from the farm, woman-child,” the first wolf said, still grinning. “And Agafy is not chief here, anymore.”

“What do you mean?” Kura asked. “We have an agreement – we leave you alone, Agafy and his pack leaves –“

The first wolf snarled and jumped forward, staying barely out of reach of Kura’s sword. “The saja move!” the wolf said, his worlds so mingled with a growl that Kura could barely understand him. “Saja-brothers fear no child of man!”

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