Writing when you have a Day Job

So, I don’t even know if I can actually write about this because it’s one of those things I’ve not quite figured out yet myself: how do you find time to write when you have a day job?

For most my life I’ve been a student, and through high school and even college I always managed to find time to write somehow. There would always be time, maybe between classes or after, that I would be able to set aside a few hours and just write. Now, however, I am working full time and the struggle to balance work-life-writing has proven to be very difficult.

While I do not have all the answers to this problem, I do have a few thoughts that might be worth sharing:

  1. I’ve learned not to beat myself up for not writing.

Sometimes you literally don’t have the time, and that’s OK. You don’t need the stress and guilt of what you wanted to have written getting in the way of what you’re doing in the moment.


  1. I don’t have time to write because I’m wasting it on frivolous things.

You tube really isn’t that great, if you mean to be writing don’t even click on the link. And your phone doesn’t need you, leave it somewhere out of reach.


  1. No time is too short to write.

I used to tell myself, “Oh, I only have an hour, that’s not long enough to get anything done.” Yes it is. And so is half an hour, and so is fifteen minutes. Take what you can and work with what you’ve got.


Well, those are my major thoughts on this so far. Hopefully I will have more to say in the future, when I (maybe) have got a hold of this balancing act. Fellow writers, just know you are not alone, and that the struggle is worth it.

How do you manage to balance your time between writing and the rest of your life? I’d love to hear your strategies – join the conversation below!

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