Where to go for Advice… Besides here of course.

I’ve seen it on YouTube so that makes me an expert.

Ok, not really, but these are some of my favorite sources for writerly advice, from crafting stories to getting them published.

  1. Jenna Moreci

Jenna Moreci.PNG

She’s the ‘authortuber’ who started it all for me, and for good reasons. She’s funny (although crass) and has some great advice to get you thinking. If you don’t mind some PG-13 to R rated language, I expect you’ll enjoy her videos too.

  1. Alexa Donne

Alexa Donne.PNG

I started watching Alexa Donne’s videos for her advice about being traditionally published. She’s very knowledgeable and presents her information in an entertaining, professional way. I’ve come to find her writing advice – especially her “writing hacks” – to be things that I’ve found to be useful along my own writing journey as well.

  1. Jordan Harvey

Jordan Harvey.PNG

Jordan Harvey is an aspiring author, among other things, and I was drawn into her videos because of her honest, sensible opinions and reviews. If you are looking for something to delve deeper into the method of story crafting, she’s the YouTuber to watch.

  1. Kim Chance

Kim Chance.PNG

Kim Chance is just so happy and optimistic in her videos, she’s great to watch when you’re needing a pick-me-up along with your advice. She also gives information about the traditional publishing route, as well as story craft and mechanics.

  1. Terrible Writing Advice

Terrible Writing Advice.PNG

Yeah, you read that correctly. And the advice here is terrible, and hilarious – and maybe more than a little bit brilliant. These short, animated videos about different tropes and plots are great for a laugh! And, honestly, diagnosing problems that may be popping up in your work. JP Beaubien is a master of sarcasm.


Well, those are my top five favorite sources for advice on YouTube. Who are your favorite authortubers? Join the conversation below!



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