A Memoir

So, I love summer. Like, a lot. But, inevitably, summer vacations come to an end… They say poetry is the way to best express your emotions, right?


A Memoir


So was it torn from me, that hardly a word comes to describe the sorrow

For what is life when the sweetest milk of it has gone sour?

But hark! That joy does yet linger in the air of tomorrow

And so must the words flow! Not then, but this hour.

This great loss… what is it?

It’s a sunrise, light – crisp and clear – shining red on a cool July morn

It’s a bonfire, crackling, sizzling – joining the fireflies to linger in the hot June air.

It’s a birdsong, gossamer notes and splitting squeals of hatchlings newborn.

It’s a freedom, so pure, so untouched – a voice calling out in every soul to laugh, to wander – without a care.

It’s a family, once torn apart, pulled together again and again, unable to resist the sweet, gentle call.

It’s a friendship, rekindled with man and beast, a rediscovered love of another or of a place.

It’s an awakening, life come anew – come free – emerging into the bright warm world before the fall.

It’s a sweetness, a note that lingers in the air and on the tongue; a joy that warms the soul and covers the face.

It’s a dirtiness, a pure renewing earthly richness that everyone can afford.

It’s reality, truths of life an institution could never hope to teach.

It’s a serenade, crickets, bullfrogs, peepers – all come together to strum a nightly chord.

It’s empowering, working, playing – always learning – so that one’s potential comes into reach.

But, all too soon, it is lost – taken by winter’s wind.

For what earthly exuberance is not fleeting?

Gone too soon are the bright mornings and long nights; slowly, slowly darkening is the light.

But in that dreary grey, hastened though be every day, does the joyful child’s soul remain ever-seeking.

Goodbye summer. Next year I shall find you again.

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