What I’ve Learned about Beta Reading

I'm finishing up the first round of beta reading on my manuscript! So, as such, I figured I'd share what I've learned so far. 1. Be willing to reciprocate. I had a few people who offered to read my manuscript as pure beta readers, one of who finished the story. The rest of readers I... Continue Reading →

Fixing the Aquaman Movie

Alright folks, this post is for me. Yeah, I know – if I wanted to write something for myself I should get a journal. Well, I promise by the end of this I’ll turn my rant into a general writing lesson. ‘Cause it’s OK as long as it’s educational, right? So, I saw Aquaman yesterday.... Continue Reading →

A brief history of Avaron…

I made a history lesson! Hey, don't groan at me. This is all really exciting and important. Because I said so, that's why. Ok, in all seriousness, this is probably more than a little boring. And that's probably why I just kept the ideas floating around in my head for so long instead of putting... Continue Reading →

Update on my Work in Progress

It’s been almost 3 months since I last posted an update, and – well – things have been happening! My novel is COMPLETE. Yes, you read that right: complete. And I finished it about middle of August. No bad! And then came the editing. I don’t know how I in the world I was thinking... Continue Reading →

Politics and your Author Platform

…don’t mix. The end.

Thanks for reading, folks! Yes, I know that was amazing and –

Ok, just kidding. I’m an overwriter, it’s my nature to elaborate. And, since this is Election Day here in the USA, I figured this would be a perfect topic.

Fighting Through Burn Out

In September I set for myself a goal: finish my manuscript, edit it, and have it ready to send to beta readers by the beginning of October. At the time I thought it was a realistic timeline, I had only a few more chapters to write, I knew what I needed to write in them, and then the editing wasn’t going to take too long. Or so I thought.

On Writing Fight Scenes

I love a good fight scene. If I had to choose my favorite element of a story, it would probably be the action sequences –you know, the struggle of good against evil, combat hand-to-hand, with the hero’s life hanging in the balance. So, naturally, I have written my fair share of fight scenes. Notice, I didn’t say my fair share of good fight scenes. Like all writing, there is an art and a skill that comes to crafting exciting, sensible, and coherent action sequences. To that end, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned over the years...

Meet the Characters: Part 1

Are you ever searching for ways to procrastinate away your writing time? Well, I would recommend that you create mediocre character aesthetics and scour YouTube searching for your character's perfect theme song. I can't promise you'll be too proud of the aesthetics, but, man will those songs be catchy! 

Fixing the Five More Tropes I Hate

After my first “tropes I hate” post, I took some time to look over those tropes and see how they could be fixed – and I found it to be a very refreshing exercise. As authors, we spend so much time second guessing ourselves, asking if what we’re planning or what we’ve written is ‘good enough’. I’m here to say that even if it isn’t good enough, it can be.

Reworking My First Page

Last week saw the end of Novel Boot Camp, an awesome writing instructional series organized and hosted yearly by freelance novel editor Ellen Brock. After some highly informative video series on YouTube, this novel boot camp culminated in the critique of the opening page of 225 unpublished novels - mine among them! 

Entertaining Stories are Underrated

How many of you saw the ads for the movie Monster Trucks? With a budget over $125 million, this film grossed only $64 million domestically and is now known as a major box office bomb. Considering its 30% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and its (admittedly) ridiculous premise, one might be tempted to think that this film – a story about a literal monster that drives around pretending to be a literal truck – would be a total waste of a good two hours of living. That’s certainly what I thought when I saw the ads. But, I was wrong.

Finding Meaning in Fiction

The way I see it, there are two major categories into which a literary work can fall:

works which strive to explore certain topics, themes, and messages

works that are designed to entertain

Now, there are certainly pieces that will do both...

Writing Tip: Crafting Evocative Descriptions

I used to have a sort of love-hate relationship with descriptions. I loved writing them, letting my words flow into the page as though I were a masterful craftsmen, but I hated reading them – I mean, I can distinctly remember skipping whole paragraphs in books I’d read as kids just so I could get back to the dialogue and the action...

My Top 10 Favorite Writing Tracks

I need music to write.

Well, I guess that’s not technically true, but I certainly don’t write without music if I can help it. Over the years I’ve amassed quite a collection of writing music, and I thought I would share some of my favorite tracks with you!

Mocking Bird

I was out in the garden one day and saw a mocking bird alight on a telephone pole above me... The first line of this poem came to my mind in that moment, and when I wrote it down the rest of this poem fell into place. It's one of those instances where the creativity just flows through you and makes something you didn't necessarily set out to make. 

Self-editing, or Learning to Let Go

"Just let it go." That’s not something any author wants to hear about their darling character, or their clever plot twist, or their funny scene. But, sometimes, our desire to hold on to something is holding our story back.

A Memoir

So, I love summer. Like, a lot. But, inevitably, summer vacations come to and end... They say poetry is the way to best express your emotions, right? 

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